Friday, October 23, 2009

stupid exams wont let me breathe.i wish it were some dramatic women oppression scheme but it isn't.more on domestic abuse and other morbid musings after 4th!:(

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bell Bajao

The first time the ad for the Bell Bajao Campaign got aired on T.V,my cousin's first reaction was "ghanta"(a word for bell,bullshit or some censored male body part.).In any case it was shocking that he,a gentleman to the core, would use this particular adjective for what can safely be termed a noble cause.I turned towards him eyebrows raised."What?you think this'll help?"he said.He went on to tell a story of how,when on a trip to his friend's place,they heard a wife being beaten in the neighboring flat.The two friends rushed to their house to help the lady.They did what the campaign asked them to do-they rang the bell.the husband opened the door,the wife stood cowering in the corner.They told the man to stop and that they were calling the police.In eturn they were told to "fuck off" and to "keep out of family matters".this however was not the husbannd's reaction.these very words were used by the woman,the wife,the victim.My cousin was shocked.they went back doing nothing.The woman wasnt a brainwashed,uneducated,financially weak henpecked wife.she was an intelligent,beautiful,financially independent woman who should have had no trouble leaving anytime!"What were we to do?if the victim was happy,who're we to interfere?"

who indeed?the education system educates us,the Government empowers us,the social workers support us.what is it that we need to stand on our feet and walk out for God's sake?its not right to always blame really isnt.