Monday, December 28, 2009

Justice For Ruchika

We live in a country where the most sensitive of issues,no matter how upsetting, leave us unimpressed and indifferent.It is rare,very rare, that a case of woman abuse comes to the fore.And every time it does we realise how hopeless our condition is.the last case this hyped was that of Jessica Lal. And now we have the sad case of Ruchika Girhotra-a child of fourteen when she was molested or perhaps worse by the now SPS Rathore.

On August 11, 1990 Rathore visited Ruchika's house and met her father SC Girhotra. He told him that he should not send Ruchika abroad as she was a very promising player and that he would arrange special coaching for her. The senior cop also asked Girhotra to send Ruchika to his office on August 12, 1990 at 12 noon in connection with the same. On August 12, 1990, Ruchika along with her friend Aradhana went to play at the lawn tennis court and met Rathore.

On seeing both of them, Rathore asked Aradhana to call the tennis coach to his room. But she returned half way. "Is beech Ruchika ko akeli paa kar Rathore sahib aisi ginoni harquat pe uttar aye jo manavta ke liye kalank se bhi batar hai. Apni beti ki umar se bhi choti Ruchika se unhone chadechad ki. (In the meanwhile, finding Ruchika alone Rathore did a shameful act which is a blot on humanity. He molested Ruchika, who is younger than his daughter),"

Its been 19 years and Rathore is still unpunished.Ruchika's family however faced harrassment at an extraordinary speed.By September that year,Ruchika had been expelled from her school, the Sacred Heart School For Girls,Sector 26,Chandigarh under inane reasons which were later used by rathore's lawyers to their advantage.Rathore's henchmen continually harrassed Ruchika wherever she went ultimately forcing her to confine herself indoors.

Multiple cases of theft were filed against her then 10 year old brother Ashu.

On September 23 1993, Ruchika's then 13 year old brother, Ashu, was picked up in the market place near his house by police in plain clothes. They drove him in a jeep to the Crime Investigation Agency (CIA) Staff Office in Mansa Devi. There, he was tortured by Sub-Inspector Prem Dutt and Assistant Sub-Inspector Sewa Singh.[18]

His hands were tied on his back and he was made to bend. His feet were tied with a weight. He was kept in this uncomfortable position for an extended period of time.[17]

After some time, Rathore also arrived there. Ashu was then tortured further. A roller, referred to by the police as "Mussal', was rolled on his legs and thighs after four constables boarded the roller. [21] [22]

While still in illegal confinement, Ashu was taken to his house and beaten mercilessly in front of Ruchika by Rathore. Rathore then threatened her, saying that if she did not take back the complaint, her father, and then she herself, would face the same fate. [19][23] Ashu was paraded in handcuffs in his neighbourhood.[24]

Ashu was picked up again on November 11, 1993. He was tortured again and was unable to walk due to the beatings. He was not given food or water for days at a stretch and was beaten mercilessly. He was repeatedly told to convince his sister to withdraw her complaint.[24] He was allegedly forced to sign on blank papers, which were used by the police to show his "confessions" that he stole 11 cars.[21] He would not be released until after his sister's suicide.[21]

No charges were ever framed in any of these cases filed against Ashu.

Her father was fired from his job and his house sold off forcibly to one of Rathore's lawyers.Harrassment also followed the Prakash family who supported Ruchika's case throughout up till now and Ruchika's lawyer.

In 1993,her brother still being beaten in the police lock up,Ruchika committed suicide by consuming poison.all records pertaining to her death fer forged by Rathore and his 1994.Rathore was promoted.In 1999,the case was finally dropped.

After 19 years in 2009,Rathore was convicted for 6 months and out on bail within ten minutes.such is the horrifying timeline of Ruchika's tragic story.But let us fight together not just for the justice of this one girl,but for the safety of all the girls of our country.Let us rise as one and pressurise the corrupt system into giving Justice for Ruchika.

Join the movement.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Iranian Virgin Prisoners Raped Before Execution

According to the "Islamic Law" virgins will go to heaven.a chance the Iranian law keepers are not willing to take.what is the solution?why,send them a temporary husband!give them a perfect wedding night!in short,rape em and then kill em.

Its a shocking case of how man can manipulate religion to suit his perverse sexual fancies.nothing in the Quran advocates this barbaric act,this brutal miscarriage of human rights.and yet it is perfectly legal.worse,justified.forgive me,i am not an Islamopohobe,But while the whole Islamic community would rise as one against Sarcozy's ridiculous burqa ban,why would no voice be raised against such heinous misuse in the name of their religion?why would no one step forward to protect these women?where are all the scholars now?Certainly the responsibilty for their release is not of the Islamic soviety alone,but that is where the beginning has to earnest request to my Muslim brothers and sisters,come up.stand the unity you are so proud of. free these unfortunate women from the pathetic condition a false rendition of Islam has reduced them to!

It is known beyond a shadow of a doubt, that during the 1980s, the rape of women political prisoners was prevalent. It was so prevalent as to make Ayatollah Montazeri, who was Khomeini’s deputy at the time, write the following to Khomeini in a letter dated October 7, 1986: “Did you know that young women are raped in some of the prisons of the Islamic Republic?”

In response, Ayatollah Khomeini wrote, “Yes! Such rapes are essential to prevent those anti Islam females from entering the heaven. If they are executed as virgins, they will enter the heaven. So, rapes are extremely important and done to prevent such elements from entering the heaven.”

Even recently, according to Iranian Parliamentary investigation committee, protestors, jailed after the disputed presidential elections, were raped in prison. Defeated Iranian presidential candidate Mehdi Karroubi said in a letter to powerful cleric Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, "A number of detainees have said that some female detainees have been raped savagely. Young boys held in detention have also been savagely raped."

Karroubi's "confidential letter" was delivered on July 29 to Rafsanjani in his capacity as head of the Assembly of Experts, the powerful body which selects and supervises the activities of the supreme leader.

A police statement issued on August 6, 2009 confirmed that serious violations took place in Kahrizak prison. The authorities said they had jailed the head of the detention centre.