Whaddup?-All about The Lifted Veil.

The Lifted Veil is a  teeny weeny (especially weeny) attempt at striking a balance- between the views feminists have of men and the views men have of feminists, between what the world thinks of Indian women and what Indian women...well, think of themselves, between women the victims and women the survivors. As a 20 year old Indian woman, I often find myself at cross roads between the Indian values I have been brought up with, and the feminist values I have imbibed and am imbibing through experience. After long struggles with myself over this dilemma, I am beginning to think, to hell with it! I can be a wonderful blend of both !

Certain things I want to clarify to the readers of this blog.

I do not hate men (I have an admirable bunch of them as a part of my life)
I do not hate babies (though they scare me quite a bit.yes.)
I am not a lesbian ( but I support gay rights. If you don't, chew your ear off.)
I do not think all pretty girls are dumb (I also do not find Paris Hilton pretty)
I do not think career women are in any way superior to home makers. (That is to say, I admire them all equally)
I do not support reservations of any kind unless it is for people with economic, physical, social or mental challenges.

The posts in my blog may seem women oriented most of the times. That is only because thats what it supposed to be. Feminism stands for the empowerment of women. Not to lord over men as they fear but to put them on an equal pedestal. And scoff as you might, there's still a long way to go before that happens.

Happy reading!

p.s-I love your comments.

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t said...

One of the better prologuses ever!:) <3
I'm on it!;)