Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Crazy, happy times

It's been so long since I have written in my beautiful, pink blog. I can't get rid of the happy fuzzies I get when I read e mails written by the marvelous people who bother to read my blog. I can't shake off the guilt of having completely abandoned writing altogether! But life has been oddly busy all this time. For starters, I am now an aunt to a beautiful baby girl! She came into this world six weeks early on 29th of January this year (no regrets on that one. That was six weeks less of dealing with a very hormonal sister!) Her name is Naisha (it means "special" in Sanskrit) and she has the best smile in the whole world!

Amidst all the nappy changing and lullaby singing, I also got selected by my dream college for a Masters in Women's Studies (what a lot of blog material would that be!) It's all the good things I could hope for. And more. Moving to another city is a pain but Dayyum beybeh! This is exciting!

On a more bloggish note, I recommend all of you to read Eve Ensler's Vagina Monologues. It's easily one of the most inspiring works I have read!