Tuesday, April 27, 2010


The man who said I’d be on T.V
The man who raped my son
The man who dressed me like a school girl
And sometimes like a nun

The man who beat me when I said no
Left me a bloody muck
The man who gently locked the door
And gave me a brutal fuck

The man who killed my childhood
When I was three or four
The man who made me bleed inside
But smiled and whispered “more!”

The man who sold me to the brothel
The man who gave me to his boys
The man who stole my money and my faith
And ravaged me with toys.

The man who went scot free
Abandoned the children and the crime
The man who showed me it’s a man’s world
And left me cleaning the man grime.


Sourcebound said...

ah another reason to sling mud between genders

Lucy Fur said...

I am sorry you see it that way. Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn.:)

rahulamigo said...


yup,definitely a feminist jungle.

Rick said...

i liked it.Very true.

You see "The man" is so evil..so plz have some self-respect and
dont take their "sperms" and be "their" baby factories!!!!

And plz dont ever sleep with them.
Its almost like sleeping with the DEVIL.

Such a pathetic creature these men are. Stay away from them.

Rick said...

Also kill every male child u can lay ur hands on.....remember every little male baby has the potential to commit all the above crimes against humanity!!!

Nip in the bud.

Lucy Fur said...

Rick-here, take a hanky and don't cry.

- The Virgin Author! said...

Well written!

Gypsy said...

funny how people think its mud slung at *them*. guilty conscience, anyone?

i know plenty of lovely, amazing people, many among them men. but it is true that men are capable of doing these horrific things, and this poem is not an attack against all men. it's an attack against rapists, abusive partners, violators of humanity. and that's important to realize.

why are you people so insecure?

Lucy Fur said...

thanks you two!<3

Rick said...

"Rick-here, take a hanky and don't cry."

As a sensitive human being...i feel sorry for you and other pseudo-feminists like you.

We both agree, that "The Man" is so evil , pathetic ,abusive, assholes.....

but at the end of the day....you and others like u will be screwed by the same "The Man".......

What a Shame.....!!

Yeah i am crying!

Lucy Fur said...

Rick, darling, for your benefit



read, breathe and come back again.

- The Virgin Author! said...

Dude, I am a male, too and I have got anything against you or Shreya, for that reason. But, let me tell you for a fact - whatever the post said IS true. And you cannot run away from that fact!

Some of the assholes I have known have had committed deeds worse than the mentioned ones! And they are paying their bit. And I have also seen people like my brother, (No. I am not praising him unnecessarily!) who, only for the sake of fighting and helping the needy women - have been working consistently from the past 12 years. So, there!? Exceptions are always around.

By the way, why is the horrifying reality biting you? Have you been involved in some rape? Or, something? Or, wait... this ain't my blog. Later, dumb head. I wish you all the best for your English classes. Learn to type properly! :)

Did I say that I am sorry for spoiling the comments section? But, at times, it bothers me way too much!

Lucy Fur said...

haha...no, you re being quite the knight in shining armour actually!:D...Its really great you being a guy don't see the poem as some sort of male maligning nonsense.Because really my blog stands against exactly that!:)

Rick said...

@@@@The Virgin Author

i wrote:
"We both agree, that "The Man" is so evil , pathetic ,abusive, assholes....."

As sreya said:

"read, breathe and come back again."

When u start off by "The Man"...you make it look like ENTIRE MALE SPECIES.

If i say.....

"The Hindu burns their wives"....
what do u think abt that statement?you and i burn our wives?
Though i am un-married.


"The Woman abuse young boys"....what do u think about this statement buddy??


Just read that "Wishes for Sons" post of urs.

Very curiously author of that poem (if u call it that)....did not wish vaginas for sons!!!!...guess why??lol
By the way,A real feminist is AGAINST all forms of gender based discriminations...!!

Rick said...

@@ All of you.



Lucy Fur said...

Rick-are you a little crazy?THE HINDU cannot BURNS THEIR WIVES.The Hindu can burn HIS wife.one man.one wife.this poem is about the men who DO such things.how is it so difficult to get?The very second line says "the man who raped my SON". because i KNOW men go through shit themselves!

i ADORE the men in my life-right from my dad to my best friend!and you don't give me those links cuz I have written ditto stuff in my own blog.those were the links I gave you of!now please stop being an idiot if you don't get it.you re getting under my nerves.

And did you notice the "lol" at the bottom of the poem?and by the way, the poet wishes them periods.you cant have that without a vagina.

honestly,geddalife.I will be deleting further verbal puke from you.:|

Rick said...

i am sorry for some of the initial comments that i made. Just keep in mind that many similar points can be made about women as well. Most of your points are EXCEPTIONS NOT THE NORM!!

I am also wondering why poems like "wishes for sons" keep getting posted in "feminist" blogs...very curious isn't it.

Thanks for many of ur replies and i wish u well.

Peace out.

Take care.

Lucy Fur said...


Rick said...

by the way..nice ear rings.



Sachin Arya said...

Hi Shreya,

Some aggressive writing this..

I like the theme of your blog and your bit of standing up for a cause that is one of the biggest malaise of our society...

Your thought provoking poetry does evoke emotions!

I hope your blog will make a difference..


Journomuse said...

I'm always amazed by those who can say such profound thoughts through poetry...Enjoyed this post, immensely...

Uncommon Sense said...

i dont know what to say, u seem to be gd person. but if u keep writing anti male stuff.. it might enter ur subconscious, u might end up all messed up..

what i see is u r just a rebel, u have the urge to fight,, and since u didnt get anything to fight for, u choose to be a feminist...

which is not only wrong, but very narrow minded..

u shud get urself liberated from this, its just like being a religious fanatic or a drug addict..will bring no good..

hv a nice day

Lucy Fur said...

Journo-Your opinion made all the difference!thanks so very much!

Uncommon-I'm a bit surprised you should think that way, since you have read my blog and therefore should know I am not anti male.Are you disagreeing with any of the incidents that happen in this poem?and also, I assure you, I am not a rebel without a cause. I know EXACTLY what my fight is for.:)

Uncommon Sense said...

@lucy.. u might not have meant it that way,, but the nature of the poem is direct and if a male reads it, one gets the feeling that he is being blamed...
u shud have used "that man" instead of "the man"..

blaming and hating doesnt help or change anything.. at anytime there might be more men working towards women's welfare than females..

there is too much generalising in the poem..

u might not have meant it that way, but it came out that way..

Kat Weaver said...

Powerful poem!! As women, the greatest hurts done to us are usually from men who claim to love us. So, we have a movement that says, "I won't let you hurt me anymore."

Not all men are hurtful and bad. But they all seem to have a mentality that is over-bearing toward women.

We are not possessions...we are human beings...thanks for a great poem...((Hugs))

Lucy Fur said...

Uncommon-one understands no more than one wants to.:)

Kat-wow!tell us all about the movement!and thank you!:)