Friday, June 26, 2009

Legalising Prostitution

from whatever I have read, seen, heard and perhaps directly or indirectly experienced, I have established that "morality" religious or otherwise is something that doesnt exist.its a farce, a play of letters.and this is not a cynical view, its a realistic one.and more often than not, the burden of this morality is placed on the heads of those who dont have a the legalising prostitution we are NOT promoting the trade itself but safeguarding the people involved, willingly or unwillingly, in it.To give them rights, means to allow them to protest against abuse by pimps-rape, beatings, burnings, snatching away of salaries etc.To give them rights means allowing them the right to excercise precaution through means they are free from means their children are free from means their customers and their families are free from means they can turn down sexual favours of their customers that they do not find in compliance with their means they can hold up their head and report against crimes without fearing punishments themselves.

that said, we also need to know how to draw the line between prejudice and injustice.they are human beings.creations of God like anyone else.and I am sure God wont grudge us if we help one of those who are less time think twice before calling anyone "slut"...its not a slur.not always.get over it.they need rights.they need to be protected.they can do without "morality".they cant afford it.

there are some 10 million prostitutes in India itself. 1.2 million out of this are child prostitutes.crimes against homosexual prostitutes arent even RECOGNISED by the long must they keep silent?how long must they be condemned by the "keepers" of the society?how long must they be the Invisible Women in India?


Arun Gopalan said...

hmmm.. glad that there are people who support the idea of legalizing prostitution.

One. As you mentioned legalizing will give them the basic right of self protection like filing an FIR, etc. Moreover, it would help the police in keeping a check on minors being dragged into this work.

Two, which I feel is important too but people fail to recognize is the fact that there are some who have a troubled marriage, unhappy sexual life or for that matter remain unmarried. For people like these, to satisfy their sexual needs, the only option that remains is to go to sex workers. Moreover, when the sex worker is willing to get into this field and at the same there is a ready customer, what problem does the government have? Just legalize it. Legalizing would infact help in reducing the number of rape cases.

persistent bug said...

well, I differ slightly with point two in the sense that fidelity is something I am strongly in favour of.and I do not approve extramarital relationship without the knowledge or consent of the other partner.the rest is true to the core!:)