Sunday, June 14, 2009

People have some really wierd ideas about feminists.(an MCP I know actually said Feminists are no better than "Jews" and should be thrown into the ovens as well.nice eh?).I mean, especially in India, its something hard to digest.Its true!Try telling someone you are a feminist.immediately they have three questions on their mind.

1.Do you hate men?
2.Do you hate families?
3.Do you hate babies?

Goddamit no!for Godsake I believe in EQUALITY!i believe in UPLIFTMENT(not just of the boobs you pervert!).s'all!seriously!who can hate a bald toothless baby?(though I must admit I never hold a baby unlessits wearing diapers.)

so here it is.a blog dedicated to my sistahs!serious issues and fun uns!and mostly inspired from orkut conversations!blog on:)

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Deepra said...

Way to go, sis!