Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Give me my Rights,I am a Woman.

For days now the country has been talking about nothing but the women's bill.The bill has been an issue of heated debate for nearly 14 years now and has finally(FINALLY) been passed.For those who do not know of it,the women's bill reserves 33% of seats in the Indian parliament for women alone.some salient features of the bill are:-

1.The bill seeks to reserve, as nearly as possible, one-third of all seats for women in the Lok Sabha and the state legislative assemblies

2.As nearly as possible, one third of the total number of seats reserved for Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribes (SC/ST) in the Lok Sabha and the legislative assemblies shall be reserved for SC/ST women.

3.Reservation of seats for women shall cease to exist 15 years after the commencement of the Act.

4.(Actual) Reserved seats may be allotted by rotation to different constituencies in the state or union territory.

On the surface,this seems like a good move.A country where women have been ill treated for ages because of superstitious beliefs,patriarchal culture or simply sado-misogynistic mindsets,such a step appears to be a huge leap forward.The bill puts a lot of power in the hands of women,its apparently a symbol of how the "times they are a'changing",it shows how modern our country is becoming,it represents a certain breaking of barriers and it gives a majority of the womenfolk hope that things will be better for them henceforth.

My question is,how does a reservation do any of these things?Since the bill was back as a dining table discussion,I (with the risk of sounding melodramatic)  have been in a constant state of conflict with me.I am a woman.Here's a step that could do me good.Here's a move that's giving me an opportunity to do something for my country.Here's an action that could eventually help me better the lives of Indian women.It is to my advantage.I should be happy. Right? But the (wannabe) feminist in me says a loud and clear "WRONG".I love my country.I hate what happens to Indian women.I want to make a difference.But I want to make it on my OWN terms.I want to make it with my OWN abilities.not with the Government gifted compensation!

As a woman I feel I am losing by right to dignity by gaining my right to enter the parliament through reservation.Henceforth,nothing we do will be credited to us,our abilities,our merits.It shall always be the Government who will be responsible in making me.Men shall grumble how we women have it easy and we won’t be able to refute it.we shall always be known as the "weaker sex", the "privileged class" and we won't be able to refute it.what purpose does it solve?there have been women in the parliament before,even if not in large numbers,and how has it helped?this reservation bill is not a symbol of our fight for is a symbol of our craving for comfort and luxury and i condemn it.

Politically speaking,How will the bill prevent the election of "proxies"?how will it cure larger issues of electoral reforms?how will it ensure gender EQUALITY?how does the government plan to divide the constituencies?The bill is a mess in every sense of the word.

The bill is nothing but a compensation for the years of abuse,torture and discrimination.nothing but a symbol of hope.nothing but a tool to increase vote banks.and the sooner we women realise that,the sooner we get REAL empowerment.


Moo Kay said...

i agree. what is annoying is how it's being constantly termed in the local news channels as a HUGE step forward.. it's frankly very annoying when stupid little compensations make headlines like we are living in the 17th century.

Lucy Fur said...

its more annoying when its being tagged as a woman's day "gift".-.-'

Acceptance is a change* said...

i completely agree with what you're saying. the government really has a way with "awarding" things. women shouldn't need to have 'reserved' seats.. its like half-stepping. itsa cowardly way of moving forward in my perspective but nonetheless its a step forward and i cant completely knock it.

Lucy Fur said...

from an outsiders view point it certainly would be.:)but out here the problem is deeper than that.democracy is just a name. economically underdeveloped families treat their women in the most horrid ways.female foeticide,infanticide,child marriage,abuse, name it,they face it.and unless they IMPLEMENT laws in the grass root levels,no good happens.a step forward would be reserving seats for girl children in schools in the rural areas.this is just a politically motivated move.

Mural! said...

I am glad that you have dropped by my blog and decided to take time to read n post a comment :)

I am also glad that I have returned back to the link that you have provided :)

Couldn't agree more with you.......

seat warmers/proxies/dummies thats what women are going to be seen in majority in the political strategies henceforth. This is very disturbing.

I am very happy that there are people who are thinking about the consequences and opposing it unlike those charming middle-aged ladies who danced at the sight of the tv camera upon the bill being passed.


Lucy Fur said...

hahaha!thank you!