Sunday, February 28, 2010

Boy! you're a...GIRL!!!

Really?You don't say!I would have never realised had you not pointed out this obvious fact to me!

You know those bizarre moments like "remember how i lost my wedding ring in hippo poop?", well recently i lost my half-artificial-front tooth while munching on French Toasts(okay so its not as bizarre but who doesn't like drama?).I was in tears from the first moment i saw the gaping hole in the mirror.There's no other way to put it,it looked hideous.I made frantic calls to dad asking him to make an appointment with the dentist.But them busybees could only see me after four days.That entire day I lived in agony.I wouldn't smile at anyone.I wouldn't talk much.And i refused to eat around others.

By the next day I was starting to feel like a hypocrite.I was always telling my girlfriends to be confident of who they are the way they are and here i was failing my own test.But could I really be blamed?Much as I claim proudly to not be a "girly girl",I love to look pretty.I love my bit of kohl when I leave the house,I love my pretty dresses and my filed nails.I love my mascara and my rouge and my funky jewellery when I am out for a party.I love my fuzz free face(even though it hurts like crazy to get rid of your moustache!).The problem was clear to me after i took a sparknotes quiz(yes,that is how i study) called "which gender are you?" .The answer,much to my cold-graveturning-tummyrumbling-toecurling-headboiling sorrow, was "you are a MAN"(and man WAS in capital letters.).It isn't my fault I am plagued with insecurities.okay,I'll give Freudian theories some credit and say men and women ARE a little different(thank you God) but the society that surrounds us is in no way innocent.Right from the time baby girls are wrapped in pink towels and baby boys in blue,we are marking the beginning of a life long gender distinction.

Any girl who prefers short hair to long,or sports to gossip or jeans to skirts is a "tomboy".Any girl who doesn't weep during movies,isn't scared of cockroaches,cannot cook to save her life is frigid and aloof.As if that is not enough,we always have a dozen fashion magazine telling us what NOT to do(pretty much everything) and we always have a dozen million of us religiously following their word too.Well,here's the deal,i love my chocolates,i love my teddy bear pajamas,i hate the bloody sight of pink,i don't like frills,i don't giggle or simper or blush,I laugh a lot and loudly too,i sit cross-legged AND i am proud to be a girly girl!(whatever heck that means!)

So when I finally went to the dentist, he started to explain to me the long painful root canal treatment that he would have to do to give me back half a tooth.and call me a coward but i said no.I can live with half a front tooth but I cannot let myself go through that pain.The dentist's reaction was funny -"it looks hideous".I gave him my brightest half toothed smile and walked out.

p.s-kudos to my male buddies for finding all my dental maladies does help!:D


Akhil Handoo said...

kool post re !
keep em coming :)

Lucy Fur said...

haha...thanks!sure i ll keep em coming!:)

Journomuse said...

Hi, Came here from Indiblogger..and it's kind of funny that I was chomping on some homemade kebabs lovingly made by a friend when half my tooth popped out right into my i too have a gaping hole on the left side of my mouth...but since I'm in the UK now, and NHS charges a bomb for fixing broken tooth...I practised my toothless grin a couple of times, adjusted it so that the stump wouldnt be seen and have decided to only make my fat indian dentist's wallet fatter...atleast he wont ask me for a hand and half a leg in fees!!!

Lucy Fur said...

haha...irony i tell you!,i understand half a tooth is difficult to live with.My family has convinced me into getting that root canal done.the exposed gum is not pretty.esp while brushing.:S

Akhil Vaid said...

I brought up the pink for the following reasons:
1. The whole bigtime cosmic incongruence/deadly 'videshi saazish' about feminists not wanting to reinforce any stereotypical female behavior on their part.
2. Your entire blog is well... pink. (I could be wrong about this. I have been rendered color blind after a recent Govinda movie marathon.)
But never mind... as long as you hate the color, I guess the entire point is moot.

On a less disjointed note... sometimes a cigar, is just a cigar. Long live Freud.