Monday, February 22, 2010

Body Dysmorphic Disorder

BDD is a fast growing anxiety disorder where a person obssesses over her/his bodily image,so much so they tend to see a mirror image of themselves completely different from what we percieve of them.Take for example,the case of Rachael given below,

Undoubtedly then,the disease causes social anxieties,depression and suicidal tendencies.the symptoms could be obsessive thoughts or actions pertaining to appearance,social withdrawal,avoidant or dependent personality or repititive behavoiur(constantly checking the mirror,applying make up,setting hair etc.)
While the cause of the disease may be genetic,it may also be caused by external facors like parental or peer pressure and influence of the media.

Cure may range from medicines and antidepressants for the very initial stages,to cognitive behaviourial therapy to plastic surgery for the very serious cases.

Love and support ofcourse,never goes out of fashion!

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