Thursday, February 18, 2010

Here Comes the Bride

Its a regular Indian wedding.The bride is being petted and pampered.The groom's arrival is being anxiously anticipated.there's probably the regular shehnai playing in the background.But definitely the laughter of elated relatives fill the what makes the wedding so special?so very unique?well,the groom is coming with all his pomp and splendor.What sets him apart is that he is the second groom to have married into the village of Devda,Rajasthan in a hundred and twenty years!Shailendra and Shagun are all set to be wedded in the very city which is infamous for its shameful and senseless ritual of female infanticide.Among the 70 Rajput families inhabiting the village of Devda,there are only 12 girl children.Infact,apart from the bride Shagun,there is only one girl,Chandra Kaur,who is above the age of 10.Panna Singh and his wife fought against all odds to help their baby girl live while the honourable Rajputs around them killed their daughters without emotions.Now following the footsteps of his brother (whose daughter Jayant was the first to marry in over a century!), he is giving away his daughter to her beloved.two words Panna Singh-Go You!


Sunyo said...

This is a really good effort you have undertaken to highlight the plight of women of our country.Keep up the good work :)

Lucy Fur said...

thank you so very much!:)your comments are very valuable!